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About Me

I'm originally from Baton Rouge. There's nothing I enjoy more than a true Louisiana crawfish boil, but now that I live in Houston, those are harder to come by. On the bright side, I'm enjoying learning all about what it means to be a Texan!

I'm an accountant by day, but a dedicated crafter, dreamer, Etsy-addict, and jewelry-maker by night. I opened my Etsy shop, Lazy Owl Boutique, in May 2011 as a much-needed creative outlet.  So far, it's been an amazing journey, and I enjoy both the creative and the entrepreneurial side of the business.

This blog is a written and pictorial journal of my creative journey to date.  I hope you'll enjoy following along!

I enjoy making all sorts of versatile, sparkly jewelry. Most of my pieces are simple and sophisticated with a vintage-inspired flair. I also like experimenting with wire-wrapped antique buttons and trying new designs, like with my leather bunting necklaces. I go wherever my imagination leads me! I am enjoying having total creative freedom, and I've begun attempt to sew, make yarn wreaths....and even cook (which if you know me, is scary!!).

I work in a grey-walled cubicle everyday, so I certainly subscribe to the belief that bright, pretty, fun accessories can really make your day a little bit better. I hope to bring a little bit of happiness to all my customers via my products.

I welcome emails, questions, and comments.  Please feel free to contact me at anytime at

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