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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bird's nest jewelry

Ever since discovering Etsy, I have always loved, loved, loved and adored the look of wire-wrapped bird's nest jewelry.  I've bought some off Etsy in the past and always get compliments when I'm wearing them since the concept is so unique, especially to non-Etsians (haha).  The pieces have a classy feel because of the shiny silver wire (or whatever color wire may be used) and the pearl eggs, but also an earthy, natural feel since they are, of course, symbolizing birds' nests!

There are lots of people out there doing it, but I just couldn't resist trying it for myself.  After lots of practice, I created these earrings with adorable petite-sized silver birds' nests with pink glass pearls for eggs.  They were fun to make, and I can't wait til I have more time to expand my nesting jewelry pieces.  Let me know if you have any ideas! I'd love to hear them.

 Check out the listing on Etsy here.


Christine and Company said...

LOVE this. Found you through Etsy Blog Team. Cute, cute, cute.

Arizona Girls said...

Very nice!! =) I love the color too! The silver helps the pink really pop! =)

From the Etsy blog team! New follower too! =)

Arizona Girls
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Janet said...

Awww thanks for coming find me yall!

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