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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Plans for le blog....

Now that I've finally got "le blog", I have so many ideas for blog posts floating around in my head...I just don't have time to write about everything right away.  So, I'll make a list so yall can hold me accountable and know what to expect here!

Future posts will include...
  • What I'm working on for Lazy Owl Boutique, get excited!
  • New listings from the shop as they come along
  • Other Etsy shops I love (I find about 45 everyday, the supply is truly endless haha)
  • Etsy thoughts in general...
  • Obstacles and challenges of opening a new shop! 
  • Challenges and adventures associated with buying our very own house!
  • DIY projects and crafty tales from around the house...
  • Mundane ramblings about having a day job in the corporate world (I'm an accountant, can it really get anymore exciting?)
  • Our current hometown, Houston! And of course documentation of any exciting travels...
  • More than plenty of ramblings about our dog, Leo 
  • Diatribes on my friend and I's (that can't be proper grammar?) attempt to go from zero running stamina to a half-marathon by this October (that should be interesting)
  • And whatever else I feel like talking about!
And of course I'm always excited to hearing your thoughts, opinions, and comments!

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José said...


You forgot to mention the trouble of writing a blog :-)

Good luck with your new project,


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