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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Let's Go: Fab Ab February!

So I found this pin on pinterest and I'm going to attempt it:

Who's with me?!


Kristen (by the book paper) said...

Totally going to try it!! And I need to follow you on Pinterest!

P.S. How long do you have to hold the plank for??

Kristen (by the book paper) said...

Edit- wasn't I following you already?? I think something happened to my followers list. LOL

Janet said...

Hi Kristen! I got confused by the planks too. The number next to it is the time for holding it, so the first day you just do one 10 second plank, and slowly add on time til the end of the month where you do a 2 minute plank. Get it?

I think you were following me on pinterest, not sure what happened!!

Kristen (by the book paper) said...

LOL! I re-followed. I don't know about Pinterest sometimes. I LOVE it, but there are glitches for sure. Thanks for that about the plank. I was thinking "10 planks" but now it makes sense! Off to do that in a minute!!

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