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Friday, July 15, 2011

Golden Days

So, I suppose this has been a good week for my childhood self.  Wednesday night I went to the Britney Spears concert.  For a while I was thinking, “Wow, Britney’s been out for a whole decade and I’m still going see her in concert.”  Then I realized, it’s been way *more* than a decade, right?  I can remember hearing “Hit Me Baby (One More Time)” on the radio in 8th grade.  I was not a Britney fan at first.  Her seemingly helium-ed voice confused me. 

In 8th grade, obviously during the height of my supreme coolness, I created an *NSync website.  It was your typical late 90’s fan site explosion of obsession and html, full of midis and awful rotating gifs and blinding sparkles, and always, always a visitor counter.  Anyway, when Britney’s first raunchy cover on Rolling Stone was published, I freaked out and posted a giant tirade against her on my site.  I don’t know how long it took for me to go from hating Brit Brit to jumping on the cheesy pop bandwagon, but it probably wasn’t too long (is it really much of a step from *NSync to Britney?).

Anyway, I saw her in concert this week.  She puts on a good show.  This time around they actually turned on her microphone for a few seconds here and there so you could hear her acknowledge the audience and the fact that she was in Houston.  So that was exciting.

In another nod to my childhood, I’m dragging the husband to see the very, very, very last Harry Potter film with me tonight.  I’m actually pretty sad/excited about this.  I will not claim to be a Harry Potter purist or anything.  When the first film came out, I think some friends in high school asked me to see it in theaters and I had never even heard of Harry Potter.  I wasn’t *instantly hooked* or anything, but since I liked to read I thought I’d give the books a try (same thing happened with the Lord of the Rings). 

Goblet of Fire was always my favorite book, and I happened to be studying abroad in the UK when the corresponding film was released.  My friends and I actually stood in the rain all day in Leicester Square for the premiere and got to see the stars walking the red carpet, so that was an exciting moment (Robert Pattinson will always be Cedric first before Edward). 

When the final book came out, I was living in Boston.  My friend and I dressed in our best Harry Potter gear and went to Harvard Square to see Harry & the Potters play, before waiting in line for many hours to buy the novel from the famous Harvard bookstore.  We put headphones on for the trip back to my apartment, because my friend was sure some ill-meaning hooligan was going to drive by us and shout out the ending of the story and ruin it for us.  We stayed up reading until we couldn’t handle it anymore, then read the next day in the park until we finished.  Good times.

So now, the kid in me is excited but sad, because going see this final film is like the last new Harry Potter thing I will ever really get to do.  There won’t be any fun, exciting little memories associated with Harry Potter moments anymore.  Plus, I guess I’m really getting a little too old to get this excited about children’s books…


S. Roskilly said...

Love this post, and oh my gosh, I LOVE that muggle ring!

Erika said...

Haha I'm reading your blogposts in chronological order and I had to Sri and comment on this one! Lots of good stuff! Your comments about Britney made me laugh! That's amazing that you got a little bit of mic!

And that trip to Boston was a lot of fun! Oh, the Harry Potter geekiness of it all! I had forgotten that you saw the premiere for GoF in Leicester Square! It's funny that I ended up there a few years later for Deathly Hallows! :)

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